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"We have found him, of whom Moses in the law, and the prophets, wrote, Yeshua of Nazareth"  John 1:45

AMC - a teaching site for Messianic Congregations

AMC seeks to help Messianic Congregations be Yeshua centered, Grace embracing and who value all believers, Jewish & Gentile equally, those whom God has called into His family.

AMC desires to  encourage Messianic believers to grow in their faith, their walk with Messiah, and in their appreciation of God's eternal covenant relationship with the Jewish people.

This site contains evidences showing that Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah promised in the Jewish Bible, and resources to teach and promote Messiah centered, sound Biblical beliefs within our Messianic movement. Like-minded Congregations who share these values have identified with the AMC faith statement. Over the years we developed strategy and resources to help in building our movement, and several congregations have benefited. While AMC is small compared to other groups, we feel that we have something unique to contribute, while valuing all who have been used of God to help build our Messianic Movement.

While we no longer solicit membership (see the 'About' page for info),  
we will continue to offer resources and articles to encourage Biblical balance and will keep the Directory and Links pages updated by request. We've been adding to the teaching articles in the Index Pages at left,  and don't leave without seeing our: Yiddish Page

See 'About' page for important 2018 update including:
Our San Antonio, Texas Cong. just purchased a new building,
a Pennsylvania congregation just installed a Leader,
a congregation in Massachusetts just joined!
Plus a very important shift in AMC as an organization.

Since Covid-19, some of our affiliated congregations are live streaming, See DIRECTORY

is the e-Zine of the AMC & a rich source of
sound Messianic Teaching.

Teachings on Bible basics  and deeper truths from
a sound Messianic Jewish perspective

"THE SHOFAR" issues from 2014 through 2017

Spring 2014 - Issue 39 of "THE SHOFAR"
Fall 2014 - Issue 40 of "THE SHOFAR"
December 2014 - Issue 41 of "THE SHOFAR"
Spring 2015 - Issue 42 of "THE SHOFAR"
Summer 2015 - Issue 43 of "THE SHOFAR"
Fall 2015 - Issue 44 of "THE SHOFAR"
Winter 2015 - Issue 45 of "THE SHOFAR"
Spring 2016 - Issue 46 of "THE SHOFAR"
Fall 2016 - Issue 47 of "THE SHOFAR
Winter 2016 - Issue 48 of "THE SHOFAR
Spring 2017 - Issue 49 of "THE SHOFAR
Summer 2017 - Issue 50  of "THE SHOFAR
Fall 2017 - Issue 5of "THE SHOFAR
December 2017 - Issue 5of "THE SHOFAR

"THE SHOFAR" older issues from 2005 through 2013

October 2005 - Issue 1 of "THE SHOFAR"
February 2006 - Issue 2 of "THE SHOFAR"
May 2006 - Issue 3 of "THE SHOFAR"
September 2006 - Issue 4 of "THE SHOFAR"
November 2006 - Issue 5 of "THE SHOFAR"
March 2007 - Issue 6 of "THE SHOFAR"
June 2007 - Issue 7 of "THE SHOFAR"
September 2007 - Issue 8 of "THE SHOFAR"
December 2007 - Issue 9 of "THE SHOFAR"
February 2008 - Issue 10 of "THE SHOFAR"
April 2008 - Issue 11 of "THE SHOFAR"
June 2008 - Issue 12 of "THE SHOFAR"
September 2008 - Issue 13  of "THE SHOFAR"
November 2008 - Issue 14  of "THE SHOFAR"
March 2009 - Issue 15  of "THE SHOFAR"
May 2009 - Issue 16  of "THE SHOFAR"
Summer 2009 - Issue 17 of "THE SHOFAR"
September 2009 - Issue 18 of "THE SHOFAR"
November 2009 - Issue 19 of "THE SHOFAR"
February 2010 - Issue 20 of "THE SHOFAR"
April 2010 - Issue 21 of "THE SHOFAR"
June 2010 - Issue 22 of "THE SHOFAR"
September 2010 - Issue 23 of "THE SHOFAR"
November 2010 - Issue 24 of "THE SHOFAR"
February 2011 - Issue 25 of "THE SHOFAR"
April 2011 - Issue 26 of "THE SHOFAR"
Summer 2011 - Issue 27 of "THE SHOFAR"
September 2011 - Issue 28 of "THE SHOFAR"
December 2011 - Issue 29 of "THE SHOFAR"
March 2012 - Issue 30 of "THE SHOFAR"
May 2012 - Issue 31 of "THE SHOFAR"
Summer 2012 - Issue 32 of "THE SHOFAR"
Fall 2012 - Issue 33 of "THE SHOFAR"
Winter 2012 - Issue 34 of "THE SHOFAR"
Spring 2013 - Issue 35 of "THE SHOFAR"
Summer 2013 - Issue 36 of "THE SHOFAR"
Fall 2013 - Issue 37 of "THE SHOFAR"
Winter 2014 - Issue 38 of "THE SHOFAR"

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Report on AMC Congregational Seminar in Lancaster, PA, April 2016

Report on our older activities are at bottom of page

Questions/Editorial:   Box 274, Ledgewood, NJ 07852
Donations:  AMC c/o WJ Accounting, 7463 E. Broadway,  Tucson, AZ 85710
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