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OUR PURPOSE:  "The Association of Messianic Congregations exists to strengthen Messianic Congregations by providing resources, teaching and fellowship that promote Biblical values, proclaims personal faith in Yeshua as the one Atonement for all humanity, and encourages worship through the diversity of Jewish expressions of faith."

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 2018 Update on important changes

During the first five years of our existence there was a lot of enthusiasm and attendance was good at our leadership training conferences. THE MESSIANIC TIMES wrote two articles about the conferences. Many volunteers sacrificed hundreds of hours of our time, away from families and other opportunities to advance the work of AMC. We traveled to teach seminars, others counseled new leaders in person and over the phone. Two years after our founding, a Jewish believer with writing and editing skills took on the task of compiling an online AMC Messianic Jewish Quarterly Journal with excellent teaching articles. We provided Messianic music resources. AMC had 12 congregations as members.

After five years a difference of opinion arose among some Congregational leaders regarding questions of boundaries on the ministry activities of leaders of our congregations. A small group who felt strongly about this prevailed upon our organization's visionary founder and very active President to step down. That came as a surprise to others and was a jarring loss. The men who remained on the Board tried to step up into vacant roles, but the loss of our founder and President was difficult. No other congregational leaders felt they had the time to join the Board and serve. The remaining Board members and volunteers were stretched thin as they all had other existing ministries and some held secular employment in addition. It was evident to all that we were slowly losing the volunteer hours to offer active services, or even position ourselves for paid membership to the Messianic congregations who identified strongly with our doctrinal stance.

By 2018 we had seen many good things in our member congregations, and the remaining Board members often provided counsel and practical help to new Messianic congregations, but it was clear that after serving over 12 years they needed devote time to families and other ministries, and their terms came to an end. With few volunteers remaining, who also had other ministry obligations, it was apparent that AMC had shifted from being a "Membership Organization" to an "Identity Affiliation".

A volunteer is maintaining the website, and updating the list of recommended Messianic Congregations and other helpful links. We will gladly list new online resources as we are made aware of them. AMC remains a nonprofit organization, but we are no longer accepting membership dues. We are happy to receive small voluntary donations, a tax receipt is given to donors and our financial records are documented by a third party Accountant and an annual form is filed with the IRS.

To be transparent, AMC could only be as strong as the member congregations are willing to help it be. In recent years we have not been as strong and active as we once were. Many of us believe that the values that led to the birth of AMC are still true and are still needed. We certainly are an "identity" for those in our Messianic movement who value solid scripture above recent fads, and a number of AMC congregational leaders have recently affirmed that, including a congregation in the Northeast that joined in 2017. However, to be viable we need to adjust. The Messianic scene has changed, we need to change. Several younger, trusted Messianic leaders have informally talked with us about a launch of a new Messianic organization with the same sort of stance, doctrine and ideals that AMC has held for years. We would fully support that in whatever way we can. That's where we stand in 2018 and beyond.

May God give us wisdom beyond ourselves as we seek to serve Him. The message of Yeshua as our Jewish Messiah is timeless and eternal. The efforts of men come and go. May we all be found serving the kingdom of Messiah with all of our heart, our soul and our might.

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Over the last several years (2002-2004), in several locations at once, a number of leaders in the Messianic Movement started to express the need for a new association of Messianic congregations that would serve the needs of those who continue to hold to a Messiah centered, joyfully Jewish, grace-embracing Messianic Judaism. Sound doctrine and a belief in the literal nature of God's promises to Israel were seen as essential by these believers.

We were also concerned about trends over the last decade that saw sound, balanced, scriptural teaching neglected in favor of doctrinal fads, legalism, sensationalism, and "new winds" of doctrine designed to tickle the ears.

Knowing that it was possible to have Messianic Congregations that were both sound in doctrine and joyfully Jewish at the same time, we resolved to give an opportunity for the Lord to work in the hearts of like minded leaders to provide a place of fellowship and resources for the many Messianic Congregations and individuals who value a Yeshua centered Messianic faith.

In discussions with Messianic colleagues in 2003, Steve Shermett, Congregational Leader of Beth Sar Shalom Congregation, Tucson, Arizona sensed the call of God to move forward with this idea. In addition to this desire felt in the heart of many other Messianic Rabbis and Congregational Leaders, we were encouraged by several well known and experienced Messianic Jewish Leaders, including Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum, Sam Nadler and Barry Berger, to step out in faith and call for a gathering of Messianic Leaders to pray and plan for where the Lord wanted to take this. A list of over 30 Messianic Leaders was assembled, they were then contacted by mail, phone calls and e-mails, and invited to indicate if they were interested in such a new association. About 15 Messianic Rabbis, Pastors and Leaders initially came forward to express their support for this effort. We expect that other Congregations will join when they see that this new association is "up and running".

In discussions that Steve Shermett had with those who indicated interest, a first meeting was held in 2003, in Metro Northern New Jersey just 30 minutes from New York City, hosted by Mottel Baleston, Associate Rabbi of Beth Messiah Messianic Jewish Congregation of Livingston, NJ. Here is an excerpt from one of the e-mails sent to announce the gathering:

"We have lots of ideas for ways to encourage and strengthen Congregations: newsletters and websites, conferences, outreaches and music workshops, Bible Study Camps and Retreats, but above all we desire to be used and lead by God in His Will in these important days. We will Pray and Plan, and trust the God of Israel to lead us. We understand that God will use both Jewish and Gentile believers in this as we demonstrate the unity of the Body of Messiah, of which we are a part. We invite like-minded Messianic leaders to join us in meeting"
In conjunction with this effort, we launched a website, now being expanded, to help get the word out to those interested:  We had Messianic Leaders traveling from Michigan, New York, Maryland, Arizona, Virginia, North Carolina & New Jersey to attend the meeting. In all, a dozen Messianic Jewish Leaders attended this organizational meeting where AMC was organized and a Board of Directors was selected.

We humbly asked the Lord God of Israel for His leading, guidance and blessing in this new effort to build up and strengthen the body of believers, both Jewish and Gentile, who are called to bear witness that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has kept His promise and has sent His Messiah into the world, and that His name is Yeshua.
(Posted to the AMC Website in 2005)

Email our Association Board Secretary & Website Editor:

UPDATE - May 2015: Here's what has happened over the last several years and what we've been working on:

Two issues of the MESSIANIC TIMES had stories on the start-up of AMC, and we've placed a series of display ads in the TIMES, and have made more contacts from these. Three AMC Messianic Congregations have been profiled in depth in issues of the Times from 2007 thru 2015. We have ideas in development for ways to encourage and strengthen Congregations. Here are a few:

Music, Liturgy & Worship Resources:
Two of our Congregations have Worship Leaders who have agreed to help  member Congregations with Messianic Music Lyrics and chords that can enrich the worship portion of the service. (a CCLI license may be needed for some songs) We can also make available a CD with a good selection of Jewish/Messianic Liturgical resources in both the original Hebrew and in English Transliteration and Translation. These are suitable for printing or for use as slides/overheads.

Messianic Conferences & Retreats: 
Our Northeast Messianic Leadership Conference in May 2005 was a success with over 40 Messianic Rabbis and Leaders meeting and sharing ideas and strategies. A similar Conference in the Southwest in July 2005 was also an encouragement to those who attended from 12 different states. Our Leadership Conference in Los Angeles in July 2006 was an even bigger success, with much networking going on. Additionally, several AMC Congregations have conducted Messianic Retreats which helped to build maturity among Messianic believers. Our 2007 Leadership Conference in Virginia went deeper in equipping Congregational Leaders and Elders to deal with difficult situations that can cause conflict. Since that time we have encouraged leaders to attend the excellent Messianic Leadership Conferences taught by Sam Nadler in major cities around the country.

Training for Leaders & Elders:
We currently recommend 2 well known, long-time Messianic Leaders, Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum and Messianic Pastor Sam Nadler, who are sympathetic to AMC and are well known for conducting Training for Leaders & Elders. Many AMC Congregations are using Sam Nadler's printed training materials for Messianic Leaders with encouraging results.
In addition several AMC Congregational Leaders have consulted by phone and traveled to visit other member congregations to help in program development and conflict resolution.

Doctrinal Study Resources: 
We are in the midst of developing teaching statements on Theological and Cultural issues of importance to our Messianic community.

Summer Messianic Bible Institute:
Currently, several AMC Congregations send members to the Ariel Ministries Messianic Bible Training Program, 'Camp Shoshanah', which runs for 3 intensive weeks each summer, with 5 hours of Bible College Level seminars per day, all from a Messianic Jewish perspective. Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum, founder of Ariel Ministries and the author of seven major Messianic books is the Director of the Camp, and Mottel Baleston, AMC  Editor are two of several Messianic Jewish instructors. We recommend this Program.

AMC Website: 
This includes a directory of AMC Congregations, and a full page profile of each Congregation is being developed. The large search engines, like Google, Yahoo and Bing show this very website favorably on searches for the word "Messianic". 

NEW 2017 Update:
Our Texas Congregation just purchased a building,
a Pennsylvania congregation just installed a Leader,
a congregation in Massachusetts just joined!

- Our Challenges - 2017
To be transparent, AMC can only be as strong as the member congregations are willing to help it be. In recent years we have not been as strong and active as we once were. Many of us believe that the values that led to the birth of AMC are still true and are still needed. We certainly are an "identity" for those in our Messianic movement who value solid scripture above recent fads, and a number of AMC  congregational leaders have recently affirmed that,  including a congregation in the Northeast that joined in 2017. However, to be viable we need to adjust. The Messianic scene has changed, we need to change. Discussion and prayer are now going on behind the scenes as to how we might do that. We need wisdom beyond ourselves!!

We believe that God has raised up the Association of Messianic Congregations "for such a time as this". Our Messianic Movement has seen God do great things through it, with many thousands of Jewish people coming to faith in Messiah Yeshua. Recent confusion over doctrine and a willingness by some to discard key Scriptural teachings threaten this progress. We need your financial support to help us develop & provide Discipleship material for Messianic believers, conduct Training seminars for Messianic Leaders and provide an Association for Messianic Congregations as we follow Yeshua, the Author and Finisher of our faith!