Speak what befits sound doctrine.
~ Titus 2:1 ~

These select articles appear on the AMC web site
or have appeared in previous editions of
The Shofar.



"We Believe": A Biblical Exegesis of the AMC's Doctrinal Statement: (Tri-Unity, Deity of Yeshua, Salvation, Israel, etc.). Norman Manzon


Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth, by Cyrus Ingerson Scofield
Chapter 1: The Jew, The Gentile, and the Church of God
Chapter 2: The Seven Dispensations
Chapter 3: The Two Advents
Chapter 4: The Two Resurrections
Chapter 5: The Five Judgments
Chapter 6: Law and Grace
Chapter 7: The Believer's Two Natures


Are There Two Paths to God? Rabbi Loren Jacobs

Can a Christian Be an Anti-Semite? Dr. Barry Leventhal

The Dispensations of God Dr. Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum

The Eight Covenants of the Bible, Dr. Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum
Part 1, Part 2,
Part 3

Israel Series, Norman Manzon
Part 1. Who Is Israel? Who Are the Jews?
2. The Chosenness of Israel
Part 3. Addressing Contrary Claims:
* Replacement Theology, segment 1
* Replacement Theology, segment 2
* The Ephraimite or Two-House Doctrine
* The Gentile "Jews" of Esther 8:17
* Where Are the Promised Promised-Land Blessings?
* The Faithful Remnant of Israel
[Also, see
The Remnant of Israel in the Church Age by Steven Ger, below.]
Anti-Semitism, Part 1: The Divine Aspect
* Anti-Semitism, Part 2: The Satanic
and Human Aspects

* Anti-Semitism, Part 3: Refutation of Accusations
against the Jews and Israel

* Anti-Semitism, Part 4: The Futility of Anti-Semitism

The Jewish Roots Movement: Flowers and Thorns
Stephen Katz

Jews, Gentiles, Christians: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Dr. Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum

Messianic Issues in Jewish Salvation
Norman Manzon, Editor

The Remnant of Israel in the Church Age: Part 1, Part 2
Steven Ger [Also see The Faithful Remnant of Israel in the Israel Series by Norman Manzon, above.]

Replacement Theology: See "Israel: Part 3, parts 1 and 2" by Norman Manzon, above.

Replacement Theology Pete Koziar, AMC Vice President

Replacement Theology Alan Torres

The Roots of Replacement Theology/Who Is Israel?
William L. Krewson

The Sacred Name Movement
Pete Koziar, AMC Vice President

The Law of Moses
The Believer and the Law of Moses, Part 1,
Norman Manzon

Torah and the Believer in the Messiah, Part 1
Torah and the Believer in the Messiah, Part 2
Sam Nadler

The Two Covenant Doctrine, Joseph P. Gudel
To the Jew First: A Biblical Analysis of the "Two Covenant" Theory of the Atonement

The Two House or Ephraimite Movement
Steve Shermett

The Two House/Ephraimite Doctrine Click and scroll down.
Mottel Baleston's Summary of Steve Shermett's
Conference Presentations.

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