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et us rejoice together and engage in intentional prayer.


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AMC Europe conference
Praise the Lord for a great first AMC Europe conference in the UK this past September. Some of the congregations who participated heard about the topics presented for the first time, leaving them with a desire to learn more. Steve Shermett and Alan Poyner traveled over 1500 miles during their tour, from Leeds and Manchester in the north to Devon and South Wales in the south. Pray that the Lord will provide the participating congregations with resources and leaders to help keep them spiritually strong and growing.

Safety during earthquake
We are thankful that The Shofar’s editor Norman Manzon was safe during the earthquake that recently hit where he lives in Hawaii. He and his family were all safe and the damages were manageable.

Provision in Israel
During the recent fighting in Israel, the Lord in His mercy provided provision and protection for many believers in Messiah, both Jews and Arabs, and for the general populace as well. The local news commentators repeatedly referred to “miracles” as homes were destroyed but human life was spared. This period of war was marked by intense prayer throughout the local Messianic congregations, offers of tangible help for those coming under daily barrage of the missiles, and supply of housing for individuals, children and whole families needing refuge. Vibrant witness also went out to the soldiers, as there are more Messianic Jews serving in the Israeli army than ever before, and other believers ministered along the border.

Todah! Thank You!
AMC leadership extends thanks to those of you who have contributed in any way to the growth, health and effectiveness of the AMC as a tool in the hand of the Lord.



Salvation in Israel
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: May they prosper who love you. (Psalm 122:6)

If I forget you, O Jerusalem, may my right hand forget its skill. If I do not remember you, let my tongue cling to the roof of my mouth; if I do not prefer Jerusalem above my chief joy. (Psalm 137:5-6)

Pray for the salvation of all Israel (Isaiah 59:20, Romans 11:26), upon which Messiah, Prince of Peace, will return.

Sound Doctrine and Practice
Pray for the establishment of sound doctrine and practice in Messianic circles and in the church at large, especially in regards to the essentials of the faith, Israel and the Jews.

Member Ministries and Individual Members
Pray that the Lord will grant congregation and ministry leaders wisdom, skill, strength and protection "for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the building up of the body of  Messiah" (Ephesians 4:12). Pray that AMC members who are not members of Messianic congregations draw strength from the Lord and likeminded believers to hold steadfast in their convictions and move forward in their outreach. Pray that all Messianic congregations, ministries and individuals stand firm and glorify God in their outreach despite opposition by highly organized antimissionary organizations. Pray that, as Saul, many antimissionaries would see the Light and zealously proclaim the faith they now seek to destroy (Gal 1:23).

AMC Board
Pray that the Lord will grant continued vision, wisdom, skill, strength and spiritual protection to the members of our board as they seek to lead us. Pray specifically for Steve Shermett, President; Pete Koziar, Vice President; Dr. Alan Levison-Poyner, European Director; Mottel Baleston, Secretary.

The Church
Pray that the Lord would open the eyes of the church to bless, and not curse, Israel (Genesis 12:3); that is, to lead Israel to their Messiah and to love them as they love themselves (Matthew 19:19) with special regard to Israel's chosenness among the nations (Romans 1:16).

Pray that the Lord will stand against antisemitism in all of its forms, whether it be rabbinic (anti-gospel), doctrinal, social, academic, journalistic, political or economic.

AMC Web Site
Pray that the Lord would continue to use for the fulfillment of AMC's call in His Name. Pray that He will grant webmaster Mottel Baleston vision, wisdom, skill, strength and spiritual protection in the carrying out of his call.

The Shofar
Pray that the Lord will use this, our email magazine, The Shofar, for the fulfillment of AMC's call in His Name. Pray that He will grant editor Norman Manzon and coeditor Courtney Tinnan vision, wisdom, skill, strength and spiritual protection in the carrying out of their duties. Pray, as well, that the Lord will move in the hearts of AMC members for the writing and submission of timely articles and for the contribution of editorial and technical assistance.



Israel: Disarray, Disenfranchisement, Major Change, Wars and Rumors of Wars
There is great dissatisfaction with the way the recent war was conducted, resulting in accusations, terminations, resignations and investigations; all this on top of accusations of corruption at the highest levels of government. Meanwhile, Al Qaida continues to make inroads in the West Bank and Gaza, and Palestinians and Hezbollah in Lebanon and Gaza are arming themselves very heavily, causing Israel's military intelligentia to conclude that a major attack from Hezbollah Israel's enemies is imminent. In addition to this, there is still much controversy to the expected move by the government to destroy rooted Jewish communities in the West Bank. Such uprooting of communities in Gaza has brought many Jews, such as many from Gush Katif, from riches to rags, from beautifully landscaped homes in model agricultural communities to virtual homelessness (actual for some) and unemployment. Add to this the fact that the Knesset voted 12 to 11 - not an overwhelming mandate - to change the form of government to a presidential system in which the president would be elected every four years and would not be, as now, dependent upon a majority in the Knesset. Opponents feel that this would place too much power in the hands of one person, the president, as such checks and balances as there are in the American government, namely, the judicial and legislative branches of government, would be non-existent.

Pray for the Lord’s protection for Israel and its citizens and for integrity and wisdom for its leaders. Pray for the Messianic believers in Israel, that they will be a growing witness to the peace that comes only through Messiah Yeshua. Pray for healing for the anxiety and post-traumatic stress following continued rocket attacks that many are suffering, especially for the many young children who have been especially traumatized.

AMC needs
The AMC has need for a Business Manager. Please pray that the Lord would direct the right person to this position. Pray also for the board, that they would continually be encouraged and guided as they lead.

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Q. Who may submit prayers and praise proclamations?
A.    The AMC, a member congregation or an individual member.

Q. What types of prayer and praise proclamations are sought?
A. * Ministry oriented, not individual needs oriented, though urgent prayer
        requests for individuals are welcomed.
     * For Jewish people witnessed to, prayer may be made and praise given,
        but not in such a way as to reveal their identity without their permission.
     * Prayers for Israel or Jewish communities anywhere in the world.
     * Praise proclamations for answers to prayer that fit into the categories
        described herein.   

Q. What are the submission parameters?
     *  Send prayers that will still be current at the next publication date.
         Publication dates are: the 1st of February, May, August and November.
     *  Limit total submissions to 100 words. Exceptions will be made at the
         discretion of the editorial staff.
     *  Submissions must be received no later than the 10th of January, April,
         July, or October for publication in the next edition.
     *  Submissions will be published, edited or returned for editing at the
         discretion of the editorial staff.
     *  Similar submissions may be combined by the editing staff into one
         prayer or praise proclamation.
     *  Please let us know in which future editions, if any, a prayer request is
         to be repeated; and if a published prayer is no longer current, please    
         let us know.
     *  Please send submissions and information to Norm Manzon at