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"The Association of Messianic Congregations exists to strengthen Messianic Congregations by providing resources, teaching and fellowship that promote Biblical values, proclaims personal faith in Yeshua as the one Atonement for all humanity, and encourages worship through the diversity of Jewish expressions of faith."

is a voluntary organization of like minded Messianic Congregations. While we plan to provide some of the benefits normally associated with a "Denomination", each member Congregation retains full autonomy and independence. See the "About Us" page for info on our history.

The God of Israel intended like-minded believers to fellowship with one another for the purpose of encouragement and being built up in the faith. (Ps 133:1) The primary place for this is the local Congregation of Believers. Additionally, we have the example of the early believers in Yeshua who had networks of mutual help with mature believers beyond their local Congregation. We believe that AMC has been raised up for "such a time as this". There is a great need in our Messianic movement for a voice to call Messianic believers back to a "Messiah Centered, Grace Embracing, Joyfully Jewish Messianic Judaism". If you're looking for a long list of benefits to entice you to join, the modest list below may not excite you, but if you're looking to join with others in identifying with a Messianic Association for those who share your commitment to the Scriptures as the authority for sound teaching, we believe our Association is one you'll identify with

(To grow as God increases our number)
Music, Liturgy & Worship Resources:
We are planning to distribute a free CD to members with Messianic Music songsheets that can help your Music/Worship Leader enrich the worship portion of the service. One section will contain song sheets and another masters for 'Overheads' or Power Point Slides. (a CCLI license is needed for public use) We also will include a good selection of Jewish/Messianic Liturgical resources in both the original Hebrew and in English Transliteration and Translation. These are suitable for printing of for use as slides/overheads.

Leadership Counseling
Leaders & Elders in Messianic Congregations are often faced with unique and difficult challenges as they lead God's flock. Many feel as if they have few places to turn for a sympathetic listening ear. Several of the men already associated with AMC have from 15 to 30 years of Messianic Leadership experience and are willing to share what God has taught them, especially with other Leaders looking for direction or dealing with conflict. 

Messianic Conferences & Retreats: 
We have had 4 Messianic Leadership Training Conferences in recent years, and are planning another for late 2010 or early 2011. Additionally, several AMC Congregations conduct Messianic Retreats which will be publicized and opened to Messianic believers who embrace the vision of AMC.

Training for Leaders & Elders:
We currently have 2 well known, long-time Messianic Leaders, Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum and Messianic Pastor Sam Nadler, who are sympathetic to AMC and are well known for conducting Training for Leaders & Elders. Many AMC Congregations are using Sam Nadler's printed training materials for Messianic Leaders with encouraging results.

Website help and hosting:
There are several men associated with AMC congregations who have agreed to volunteer their time to help Congregations start basic websites, or improve the Search Engine Ranking of existing sites with help in SEO- Search Engine Optimization that will help people find your Congregational website.

Doctrinal Study Resources: 
We are in the midst of developing teaching statements on Theological and Cultural issues of importance to our Messianic community.

Summer Messianic Bible Institute:
Currently, several AMC Congregations are involved with the Ariel Ministries Messianic Bible Training Program, 'Camp Shoshanah', which runs for 3 intensive weeks each summer, with 5 hours of Bible College Level seminars per day, all from a Messianic Jewish perspective. Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum, founder of Ariel Ministries and the author of seven major Messianic books, is the Director of the Camp and one of the instructors. We recommend this program.

AMC Website: 
Already established and being expanded. This includes a directory of AMC Congregations, and a full page profile and promotion of each Congregation is planned. The large search engines, like, show this website very favorably on searches for the word "Messianic". 

It takes a few shekels to do what we have started AND what we are envisioning. While all involved with AMC are volunteers, a few dollars are needed for the expenses of providing services to our members, presenting Conferences, bookkeeping and impacting the Messianic community and the World. In early 2010, after consultation with a number of leaders about the current recession affecting congregations, our Board reduced the fee structure for the next two years. For 2010 and 2011 the Annual Membership fee structure is:
Congregations with a membership of under 50 adults: $ 50. US
Congregations with a membership of over 50 adults: $ 100. US
- Both these categories of Membership entitle the Congregation to the full range of services

Individuals who wish to publicly identify with AMC may and are asked to make a contribution.
With your permission, your name will be listed, along with contact info if desired, on our Directory Page.

Actually, we don't have many requirements, but to ensure that we have a common purpose, we simply say that membership in AMC is open to Messianic Jewish Congregations that:
a. Are in full agreement with our "Purpose Statement"
(see above)
b. Are in full agreement with our "Doctrinal Statement"
c. Pledge to   ". . . keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of Peace"  Ephesians 4:3

Download a copy of the AMC Membership Application  (as an Adobe PDF file)
(When you click on the link above a box may appear asking for a password, if so, just click "cancel", and the Membership Application will appear)

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