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"The Association of Messianic Congregations exists to strengthen Messianic Congregations by providing resources, teaching and fellowship that promote Biblical values, proclaims personal faith in Yeshua as the one Atonement for all humanity, and encourages worship through the diversity of Jewish expressions of faith."

For the first 12 years of our existence, 2003 thru 2015,  THE ASSOCIATION OF MESSIANIC CONGREGATIONS (AMC) 
was positioned as a voluntary organization of like minded Messianic Congregations. While we provided some of the benefits normally associated with a "Denomination", each member Congregation retained full autonomy and independence. See the "About Us" page for info on our history.


"The God of Israel intended like-minded believers to fellowship with one another for the purpose of encouragement and being built up in the faith. (Ps 133:1) The primary place for this is the local Congregation of Believers. Additionally, we have the example of the early believers in Yeshua who had networks of mutual help with mature believers beyond their local Congregation. We believe that AMC has been raised up for "such a time as this". There is a great need in our Messianic movement for a voice to call Messianic believers back to a "Messiah Centered, Grace Embracing, Joyfully Jewish Messianic Judaism". If you're looking for a long list of benefits to entice you to join, the modest list below may not excite you, but if you're looking to join with others in identifying with a Messianic Association for those who share your commitment to the Scriptures as the authority for sound teaching, we believe our Association is one you'll identify with

(To grow as God increases our number)
- Music, Liturgy & Worship Resources:
- Leadership Counseling
- Messianic Conferences & Retreats: 
- Training for Leaders & Elders:
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2018 Update on AMC changes

Over the first five years of our existence there was a lot of enthusiasm and attendance was good at our leadership training conferences. THE MESSIANIC TIMES wrote two articles about our conferences. Many of us sacrificed hundreds of hours of our time, away from families to facilitate the work of AMC. We traveled to teach seminars, we counseled leaders in person and over the phone. We provided Messianic music resources. We had about 12 congregations as full members.

After five years a difference of opinion arose among the Congregational leaders over the definition of a Messianic Congregation, i.e., what are its boundaries, and what should be the boundaries on the leaders of our congregations. A small group of leaders who felt strongly about this prevailed upon our organization's visionary founder and very active President to step down. That came as a surprise. The other men on the Board tried to step up into vacant roles, but the loss of our founder and President was difficult. None of the other congregational leaders felt they had the time to join the Board and serve. The remaining Board members and volunteers were stretched thin as they all had multiple other existing ministries and some secular employment in addition. It was evident to all that we could no longer offer active services, or position ourselves for paid membership to the Messianic congregations who identified strongly with our doctrinal stance.

By 2018 we had seen many good things in our member congregations, and the remaining Board members often provided counsel and practical help to new Messianic congregations, but it was clear that after serving many years they needed devote time to families and other ministries. With only two board members with other ministry obligations, it was clear that we needed to shift AMC from being a "membership organization" to an "Identity Affiliation".

We are maintaining the website, and updating the list of recommended Messianic Congregations and other helpful links. We will gladly list new online resources as we are made aware of them. AMC remains a nonprofit organization but we are no longer asking for membership dues. We are happy to receive voluntary donations, and a tax receipt is given to donors.

To be transparent, AMC can only be as strong as the member congregations are willing to help it be. In recent years we have not been as strong and active as we once were. Many of us believe that the values that led to the birth of AMC are still true and are still needed. We certainly are an "identity" for those in our Messianic movement who value solid scripture above recent fads, and a number of AMC congregational leaders have recently affirmed that, including a congregation in the Northeast that joined in 2017. However, to be viable we need to adjust. The Messianic scene has changed, we need to change. Several younger, trusted Messianic leaders have informally talked with us about a launch of a new Messianic organization with the same sort of stance, doctrine and ideals that AMC has held for years. We would fully support that in whatever way we can. That's where we stand in 2018.

May God give us wisdom beyond ourselves as we seek to serve Him. The message of Yeshua as our Jewish Messiah is timeless and eternal. The
efforts of men come and go. May we all be found serving the kingdom of Messiah with all of our heart, our soul and our might.

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