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A new collaborative project by leaders in the Messianic Jewish Movement.

We're beginning an index of articles and resources relating
to Israel and the Middle-East Situation in light of the Scriptures.
For now, here
are two articles & some links:

Does the Land of Israel Belong to the Jewish People ?
by Messianic Rabbi Loren Jacobs

What Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said about Zionism

Links on Israel and the Middle-East:

Israel News Agency
Documenting Terrorism against Jewish Families
Honest Reporting
Exposing Anti-Israel Bias in the News Media
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
A complete archive on Palestinian terrorism against Israel
Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America
Accurate info on Israel from a Christian viewpoint

   GAMLA -A resource on what's really
going on in the Middle-East, including a photo gallery of terrorist victims

One Jerusalem
Keep Jerusalem undivided and it's holy places open to all
Database for Documenting Terror, Resources for Writers
Magen David Adom
Israeli Red Shield, Emergency
Health & Disaster Service
Campus Watch
Bringing corrective action against
anti-Israel bias at Universities


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