Dr. Alan Poyner-Levison



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by Dr. Alan Levison-Poyner

European Director

It was a rainy day as usual in Manchester on the twenty-fourth of February as we set out to drive the 150 miles or so to Nottingham for our conference. This year, we had the Rev. George Wehnes from Rescue Israel who had flown from his home in Seattle, and was on route to Tel Aviv to help advance the work he had begun by choosing a new director of operations. George stopped off in the UK at my request to come and spread the word that help is at hand for the folks who are down and out in the streets of Israel as a result of being kicked out of their homes on the West Bank recently.

When we arrived, the folks in Nottingham where very excited. This was the first time we had been able to hold a conference, as previously these folks met in the home of one of my prayer warriors at Beit Shalom. Now they had grown sufficiently to hold their own conference. After much persuasion, the pastor of their church, being very pro-Israel, had allowed us to use the church buildings. There were around seventeen to twenty people who turned up, and we had a great day together.

I first introduced myself and AMC to an new group of people who were very interested in our work, especially ‘Friends of AMC,’ some of whom said they would like to join. I then gave a teaching on ‘Our Hebraic Heritage,’ identifying just what a contribution that Jews had made to the society in which we lived, in fulfilment of the latter half of Genesis 12:3: “And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” We then had lunch and fellowship together, after which George gave his talk along with a PowerPoint demonstration on the launching of ‘Rescue Israel’. George spoke of all the leadings he had gotten from the Lord and how He had led him to do something for the poor folks whom he had found homeless and destitute as a result of the Israeli government's decision to give their homes and lands to the Palestinians. Many did not get re-housed, but were just left to God and providence. They sleep on the streets wherever they can they beg and scrounge a living, but most of what they get goes on alcohol and drugs to numb the pain of life itself. Many lost businesses that their families worked very hard to create, and are now utterly broken. Rescue Israel plans to build shelters to house these homeless, and provide drug counselors to help them off the drugs, and hopefully into Yeshua.

The moment I heard of this project it witnessed in my spirit that God was at work here doing what He has always done, extending a hand to the lost and lonely souls that need His love in a world that doesn’t care. I was particularly blessed that AMC could have a hand in helping to raise both funding and awareness of this, for that is what we joined together to achieve; and we can do greater things if we get more and more people and congregations in our ranks. You may think that nothing is going on, but we have plenty the Lord has laid on our hearts to do, but we need bodies to do it!! If you can help in any way, please contact Steve Shermett or me and we will find a place to use you if you are patient. Remember, God is never in a rush, but He is never late.

One of the main reasons I was enthused with this project is that George has managed to get twelve
congregations in Tel Aviv to work with him, so this will be a Jewish project led by believing Jews. This is, I believe, the only time anyone has been able to get all these congregations to work together, and it is only where unity is that God ‘commands the blessing’. They have a board established, and that is why George is going out to interview for a new director. When we all forget our petty differences, together we can do mighty things for the Lord and His Kingdom. George will be sharing his vision and work at this year's conference in Virginia.

After our meeting was over, all said how blessed they were and hope to do this again; so I am looking forward to our next meeting as it all helps to spread the word of AMC ‘Uniting the Body in the Bond of Peace.’

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Dr. Poyner-Levison is Messianic Teacher at Beit Shalom Ministries at various
locations in the United Kingdom, and is the AMC's European Director.