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What's a nice Gentile Boy like you doing in a 
Messianic Jewish Congregation like this?!!

The Testimony of Ricky Wilson

My name is Ricky Wilson. I was born and raised a Baptist. I come from a family of ten boys and three girls. I never got to know my earthly father because he died at an early age. My mother was very strong and loved God as long as I can remember. My mother was also very spiritually proud and would not accept welfare. I remember a time when my mother got very sick. It was almost to the point of death. The church we went to would not help her because they felt that she did not make a big enough contribution at a monetary standpoint. My mother then turned to God and asked if he would allow her to live until all her children were of an age to survive on their own. Godís answer was yes! 

My mother went on to become a private duty nurse and I went on to become very non-trusting and very cynical of pastors as well as ministers of the so-called gospel. God then blessed mother to work for an old retired Jewish man who was very nice. He really cared for her and looked out for her and blessed me with good advice, from time to time. He even put her in his will. 

So you can see why later I would take a stronger interest in Jewish people. But what I could never understand was why some ministers as well as pastors and teachers of what we understand as the gospel, have such a hate and speak with such contempt for Jewish people. Nor can I understand why some celebrate such birthdays as Martin Lutherís, whose comments were used by madman Hitler to justify killing over six million Jewish people. I also would like to give thanks to my friend, Major Gary Carter, who invited me to attend Beth Sar Shalom, and to pastor Steve and brother John for teaching me much. I would also like to thank Mr. Sam Nadler. I learned much from him at the Tucson conference and from reading many of his books. I close with Samís very own words: ďThis is my testimony and my story and Iím going to stick to it.Ē 

God bless and God speed to the AMC. 
Servant to the cause!!!
RickyWilson is a member of Congregation Beth Sar Shalom in Tucson, AZ