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Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem
Psalm 122:6 admonishes us to “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: May they prosper who love you.” As we pray for the city and her inhabitants, that many will know the true and lasting peace of Messiah Yeshua, pray also for Ariel Sharon in his recovery and for the upcoming elections, that the right man is chosen for God’s purposes. Pray too for our fellow believers in Israel, that they will be encouraged and their ministries strengthened. 

Furthermore, in light of Iran’s efforts to develop nuclear capability and her desire to see Israel wiped off the map; in light of Hamas’ resounding political victories in Gaza and the West Bank; in light of unceasing terror attacks and pressure to give up yet more land; in light of Kofi Annan’s honoring of the Palestinian cause at the U.N. while standing in front of a map on which “Israel” was replaced by “Palestine” – pray that the Lord will stay the hand of Israel’s enemies and yet reap a great harvest of souls in that land before the inevitable time of Jacob’s Trouble (Jeremiah 30:7), which will bring all of Israel to repentance (Romans 11:26). As we witness the prophecies of Scripture unveiled before our eyes, we trust that the Lord will bring about His will and that all is for His ultimate glory.

Many messianic congregations and outreaches are experiencing obstacles in their ministry as a result of the efforts of anti-missionaries. Pray that these congregations may stand firm against these attacks by Satan and that the Lord’s plans may be accomplished and prove fruitful.

AMC L.A. Conference
Remember to mark your calendars for the upcoming AMC conference that will take place in Los Angeles on July 16-17, 2006! And as you do so, begin praying for this conference as plans for it are underway.

Requests from Individuals and Congregations:
Hope of Israel Congregation – Charlotte, NC
Pray for the fruitfulness of the “mall ministry” to secular Israelis working during the holiday season that the congregation reaches out to each year.
Hope of Israel seeks Messiah’s grace and provision as it raises money to be able to build a facility on the land that the congregation owns. 

Messianic Jewish Movement in Ukraine
Praise the Lord for the growing messianic movement in the Ukraine! Congregations are now in many cities, including Kiev, Kharkov, and Odessa. Pray as congregations are exploring options in the media for ministry, such as through the internet, television, and radio. Many congregations could also use their own buildings for meetings – pray that the Lord will provide. Pray also as many messianic believers are seeking to learn more about Jewish tradition, to understand the psychology and customs of the Jewish people for the purpose of ministry.

The messianic movement in the Ukraine is in need of good training literature in Russian, including tracts, articles, and books. Resources are very limited. Please pray toward this end, and if you or your congregation has the means of providing Russian literature to congregations in the Ukraine, contact Vladislav at

Outreach Programs in Scottsdale
The Jewish outreach ministry through Scottsdale Bible Church and Beth Sar Shalom Messianic Fellowship in Scottsdale, Arizona, is praying toward a Russian Jewish outreach in Central Phoenix and the possibility of holding a showing of the Jesus Film in Russian.
Other upcoming events include an outreach to Jewish executives and professionals as well an event to bring more messianic believers “out of the woodwork” at Scottsdale Bible Church. Pray that these outreach efforts will not be impeded by the increasing opposition to and/or misunderstanding of the ministry among church leadership. Pray also that the Lord will bring forward more leaders for the ministry.

Ricky Wilson and Family
Pray for the family of Ricky Wilson, who attends Beth Sar Shalom in Tucson, Arizona, as his brother recently took his own life. Pray for the healing and comfort of Ricky and his family and that the message of the gospel will be made clear to all through this trial.


The AMC, a member congregation or an individual member

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2. REQUESTS FOR JEWISH PEOPLE BEING WITNESSED TO may be made, but not in such a way as to reveal their identity without their permission.



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