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About God And Messiah

By: Patrick Prill

For 2,000 years, people have wrestled with whether Yeshua (Jesus), a 1st century Jewish carpenter-turned-evangelist, is the Messiah of Israel and of the world. Today about 2 billion people, roughly one-third of the earth's population, believe that he is. They believe this for many reasons—but, why? Upon what are their expectations based?

Expectations About God And Messiah is a book that presents the case for Yeshua as Messiah. It seeks to do so in a non-aggressive way that is sensitive to our Jewish people. It starts by building a foundation rooted in the Tanakh. It also draws upon Jewish philosophers, historians, the Babylonian Talmud, the Zohar, and a variety of other rabbinic sources. The foundation addresses such questions as: 

  • Why did God call Abraham?
  • Why did God appear to Abraham and others?
  • What were the covenants all about?
  • What was the sacrificial system of worship all about?
  • What does the Tanach say about Messiah?
  • Is Messiah the Son of God?
From this foundation, the book then examines the case that Yeshua’s followers make to support their belief that he is the Messiah. But, it also explores several other related questions that many Jewish people ask: 
  • Did Yeshua reject Judaism?
  • Did Yeshua’s followers reject Judaism?
  • How did the new branch of Judaism become separated from the tree of Rabbinic Judaism?
  • How could this be Judaism?
  • Is there proof?

Expectations About God And Messiah was written for a Jewish and a non-Jewish audience. In presenting the case for Yeshua, it provides a framework to equip all of Yeshua’s followers to share their beliefs.

About the Author
Patrick Prill is an unlikely author. A former investment banking Principal, he has most recently held positions as Managing Director and Chief Information Officer with two of the world's largest investment funds. In addition to his career, Patrick serves as an Elder in his local congregation and is intermittently pursuing a MA in Theology.

Paperback: 287 pages
Published: 2004 by Yeshua Publishing LLC
ISBN: 0974208604
List Price: $12.75

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