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AMC Messianic Conference -  July 16-17, 2006
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Irvine, California

The Conference starts at 9 am on Sunday Morning, July 16 
and continues thru Monday evening, July 17



"MESSIANIC JUDAISM: Seeing Ourselves As God Sees Us"

Mottel Baleston serves as Associate Messianic Rabbi of Beth Messiah Congregation, Livingston, NJ.  Mottel was born in Brooklyn where he attended both Public & Jewish schools. After coming to faith, he moved to Harrisburg PA in 1979 to help in the founding of the Messianic Center there. A graduate of Northeastern Bible College, he also attended Hebrew Ulpan during the time he lived in Jerusalem. He has led the Messengers Messianic Fellowship since 1982, and has also served at Beth Messiah Congregation since 1997. Mottel has taught & lectured in Canada, Israel, New Zealand, and throughout the USA. Mottel serves as an AMC Board member. His wife Deborah is of Sephardic Jewish heritage and you can most often find them kvelling over their 12 year old son, the most intelligent Bar Mitzvah candidate in New Jersey.

"The  Mosaic Laws"

Doug Friedman is the Messianic Rabbi of Ben-David Messianic Congregation of Irvine, California. He has been a Jewish believer since 1976 and has served as a teacher, leader, and Elder in two other Messianic congregations. He has a Bachelor of Science from M.I.T. and a Master of Engineering from Cornell University. Currently employed as an engineer for the Boeing Company, Doug is presently enrolled in a Master's program at Talbot Theological Seminary.  He is married, lives in Irvine, and has three grown children.

Session 1:  "The Spiritual Life"

Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum is the founder of Ariel Ministries, the Author of seven major Messianic books as well as hundreds of monographs, the founder of Camp Shoshanah, a Messianic Bible Teaching program, and has taught in Israel, England, France, Germany, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand and throughout the USA. His dissertation, Israelology: The Missing Link in Systematic Theology, was the culmination of 13 years of research for which he earned his Ph.D. at New York University. He has been an influential teacher for two generations of Messianic Leaders. Arnold was born into an Orthodox Jewish family in Europe and came to faith in Messiah as a result of studying the Scriptures in Hebrew. Arnold & wife MaryAnn have lived in New York, Jerusalem, California & Texas.

Session 1:  "Rightly Dividing Yeshua's Comments on Purity "
Session 2:  "True and False Treasures"

Pete Koziar is the Congregational Leader of B'nai Avraham Congregation., Baltimore., MD
He has a Master's Degree from Johns Hopkins Univ, took 4 semesters of Hebrew Ulpan studies at Baltimore Hebrew University and has earned the Master of Ministry degree from Chesapeake Seminary. Since 1991 he has been involved in teaching and leadership at Messianic Congregations. Pete serves as AMC Vice- President. He and his wife Sharon are the parents of Jon, born in 1991, who, they assure us, will be the first Messianic Baseball World Series MVP winner in history .

 Session 1: "Fulfilled in Messiah’s Love for Israel
 Session 2:  "Fulfilled in Messiah’s Light for Israel

Sam Nadler serves as Messianic Rabbi at 'Hope of Israel' Messianic Congregation in Charlotte, NC, and is founder of "WORD OF MESSIAH MINISTRIES". Sam was raised in a Jewish home in New York City and came to faith in the early 1970's. Sam served in leadership roles with Jews for Jesus and Chosen People Ministries before founding Word of Messiah. He has planted two Messianic Jewish Congregations, successfully developing leaders in each. He is the author of several books that are geared to teach and disciple Messianic believers. His involvement in training Messianic Leaders has resulted in two generations of Congregational Shepards looking to him as a Mentor & Coach. He and wife Miriam are the parents of "two handsome, eligible single sons, email for info".

Session 1:    "Living in the Truth”  "
Session 2:  "Knowing God"

Dr. Alan Poyner-Levison, Beit Shalom, Manchester, UK. Alan has been a Jewish Believer for 30 years and in ministry 27 years. He and his family live in Manchester England. Alan has a diploma in Ministry, a B.A. (Hons) in Biblical Theology from Sheffield University, an M.A. in Biblical Theology from the University of Liverpool, and a Doctor of Ministry in Jewish Studies from Southern Baptist Seminary. He has taught in two Messianic Yeshivas. Alan is the author of "THE MESSIANIC MOVEMENT: THE SECOND REFORMATION" along with several other books and is a popular UK conference speaker. He and his wife Audrey are the proud parents of two teenage children.

 Session 1:  "Justice and Judgement - CONFLICT IN THE BODY"
Session 2:  "Handling Controversial Subjects in the Body"

Steve Shermett, President of AMC Board of Directors, Congregational Leader, Beth Sar Shalom, Tucson, AZ. Steve's extended family is active in both Conservative and Orthodox Jewish circles, he spent his childhood in California & Florida. After coming to faith in Messiah Yeshua, he graduated from Moody Bible Institute, where he majored in Jewish Studies and developed his passion for Messianic ministry. The founder of Congregation Beth Sar Shalom, he has overseen a time of growth as that assembly has become influential in the Community. His wife Deanne teaches Israeli & Messianic Dance, and together they are the parents of 4 young scholars.

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